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г. Киев, район Софиевская Борщаговка, ул. Пушкина, 14 (Садовая, 14) ст. «Садiвник» (конечная скоростного трамвая №3)

+38 (044) 583-48-68

+38 (095) 448-05-80

+38 (063) 619-19-94

+38 (067) 903-44-48

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City +38 (044) 583-48-68
Vodaphone +38 (095) 448-05-80
Life +38 (063) 619-19-94
Kyivstar +38 (067) 903-44-48
Our address:
Ukraine, Kiev, Sofiyska Borschagivka district, st. Pushkin, 14 (Garden 14) Art. "Sadivnik" (the ultimate high-speed tram №3)
For GPS-navigators - the closest Address: Ave. Kurbasa Olesya (50 richchya Zhovtnya), 19.
Latitude: 50.424110, Longitude: 30.363735
Are invited to the estate agents cooperation. For any questions please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The bank account to the following account:

Получатель: ФОП Святненко Олександр Миколайович
                       ЄДРПОУ 3180110733
                       р/р № 26005052726451
                       ПАТ КБ "Приватбанк"
                       МФО 300711

with the purpose of payment "for living".

For more information call (063) 619-19-94

Hotel "Sunrise" - is the perfect place where you can stay while traveling or business trip, as well as for celebrations or cultural holiday in Kiev. Our staff will do everything to make your trip to the capital of Ukraine was unforgettable. Comfort and reasonable prices of our services will help pass the time pleasantly!

Compare our prices with the prices of apartments handed over rent and other hotels and you'll be pleasantly surprised!