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г. Киев, район Софиевская Борщаговка, ул. Пушкина, 14 (Садовая, 14) ст. «Садiвник» (конечная скоростного трамвая №3)

+38 (044) 583-48-68

+38 (095) 448-05-80

+38 (063) 619-19-94

+38 (067) 903-44-48

Rules of living at the hotel

Check-in - from 13:00. Check-out - until 12:00
In case of arrival before 13:00, you will be charged a half the price of your room (if there is a free room at that moment).
If delayed departure (previously agreed with the Administrator) before 18.00,
additional payment will be charged a half the price of your room, after 18.00 the cost of the room should be fully paid for a day

Accommodation of children

Children under the age of 6 years without an extra bed linen are accommodated for FREE!
Children from 6 to 16 years with the provision of additional places - 80 UAH per day.

Accommodation of аdult

The total number of guests in the Room must be corresponed to the number of places in it. All rooms in the hotel are double. Additional payment for accommodation of the third person is 100 UAH per day (if there is an extra bed).
Guest registration Registration at the hotel is carried out when the guest presents a passport or another document, issued in the prescribed manner and confirming the identity of the guest.
Compliance with silence

From 22.00 to 8.00 am, it is necessary to keep silence inside the building and on the territory of the hotel. At this time it is forbidden to turn the TV channels on the high volume.

Smoking All Rooms are not allowed to smoke!!! For non-compliance with this rule, you must pay a penalty - 300UAH. In the case of ignoring this rule in the above-mentioned places, Administrator has the right to evict а guest without refund a payment for a room.
Cleaning Replacement of towels and bed linen is carried out on the third day of living a Guest
Causing damage When causing material damage through fault or negligence, The guest is obliged to compensate its materially according in accordance to the table causing material damage.